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Imagination sparkles. Curiosity powers up.
Ideas take form. Self-discovery is set in motion.

KidzArt is a fun, unique and confidence-building drawing program for preschoolers through seniors. Our mission at KidzArt is to provide kids of all ages with the opportunity to have art in their lives, increase their skills and knowledge of various art media, learn to draw using a proven method, and most of all, to have fun!

KidzArt enhances a child's experience of art.  Kids have a great need to express themselves in many ways — artistically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  KidzArt impacts each and every area of expression.  The KidzArt classroom is a non-competitive environment enhanced by soft music that allows children to focus and enjoy what they are doing.  Parents see the difference in the quality of art their children bring home.  Kids get immediate results as their enthusiasm for art increases.

KidzArt impacts their lives by sparking their creative process in other areas as well.  KidzArt reaches the artistic individual as well as those who never thought they could draw or create works of art!

From Daniel Pink, noted author of A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future:

"I sat in on a KidzArt class with my kids and their friends. We all had a great time. I believe KidzArt is a program that is helping to encourage and support the creative innovators of tomorrow."

Daniel is a critically acclaimed author who writes about the need for bringing creative thinking skills and creativity into our children's education and the workplace. For more information on this and other works of Daniel Pink, visit

KidzArt® uses only high quality, non-toxic art materials.


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