“I liked drawing the picture with the seal and the house with the snow. Thank you for teaching me how to draw better.”
Bella, Age 10, Sacramento, CA

"My favorite thing was just having fun."
Jonny, age 10, Hillsdale Elementary, Sacramento, CA

“You get to have fun and change things around in the picture.”
Tommy, Age 9, North Highlands, CA

KidzArt“I like that KidzArt always encourages us on everything. I hope I can do this again!”
Karissa, Age 9

“I think KidzArt is the most fun art you could have.  I learned a ton here and don’t want to leave.  I love that if you make a mistake they know how to work it in.”
Cara, Age 10

“When I’m drawing it feels like I’m in the picture”
Mary Rose, Age 6

“I just wanted you to know that Mady has the most fabulous time at the Pirate Summer Camp. She was so proud of the work she completed and was extremely excited to show it off to her brother, Max, who always was "the" artist in the family. Mady has definitely taken the reigns from Max and is now officially an artist!

Thanks again for making the class so fun for the kids. Now Mady has convinced me she MUST take the jungle class, so I’ve signed her up for the July 21st date. Thanks again!”
Tammy Pineda, El Dorado Hills, CA

"My husband and I are thrilled with the projects Gabrielle is coming home with. Even better, she is applying her drawing techniques to other projects at home."
Rori, Sacramento, CA

"Can I sign Katie up for the next set of after-school art program lessons? She LOVES it - and she's bringing home such beautiful work. What a great program you guys are running to help these kids feel empowered, confident, and have something tangible to take home every session. Thank you for all you are doing for the kids!"
Kim, Folsom, CA

"Thank you Jessica and Paige for a wonderful program!  My 7 year old has always enjoyed art but after attending your Safari summer camp, she transformed!  Suddenly she's drawing better than ever!  I was amazed at how much she learned and at how much she's drawing now.  She's making all kinds of artwork for us.  She so enjoyed the Safari camp she wanted to sign up for the Around the World camp too.  So we did!  I have to give credit to your instructors.  They were fun, patient and nice.  Everyday after camp she talked on and on about her art teachers.  You have a terrific program going-well run, educational and fun!" Luann Larson, El Dorado Hills, CAKidzArt

"My son, Matthew, takes KidzArt at Pioneer School and absolutely loves it.  Last Tuesday after his class, we were talking about his drawing and I would like to share his comment with you.  'After three classes my drawing is amazing!'  This is coming from a boy who just last fall told me that he was terrible at drawing and was really sad about it. Thanks!!!!" 
Cathy Rowen, Davis, CA

”Ben LOVES these classes...He has come home and done so much artwork – which we really encourage at home and all of sudden he’s talking about form and balance and the relation of objects. He is so excited for Wednesdays and really just loves going to the class. He’s so proud of his growth and we’re amazed by what he’s done. WOW! I cannot recommend your classes highly enough – it’s been great. We really are so pleased with the classes. It’s one of the best programs that any of my kids have ever been enrolled in! We can’t wait to do more!”
Janet Weaver, El Dorado Hills, CA

"Thank you for the art project yesterday.  The dog and the dog house are great.  Jordan is actually learning how to draw.  When I signed her up I never expected such artistry. I imagined something different; more like the kinds of art work they do in school which is basically cutting and pasting.  This is far beyond that.  Thanks for a great class!"
Cheryl Morton, Sacramento, CA

“As I watched the implementation of the KidzArt program I saw students’ true talents come to the surface.  The presenters and the program allowed and encouraged every child to become an artist for a moment.  This program is well organized, exceptionally delivered and touched the artist in every child!

KidzArt"Again Thank You for the work you have done with our students!"
Principal Joe Brewer
Hillsdale Elementary, North Highlands, CA

“KidzArt has been an exciting, enriching and important part of our after-school program.  It's a joy to see the children practicing their drawing skills in a calm and supportive environment.  The classes are always full because the children are having fun while learning!  Many of our children have been taking KidzArt classes for several years.  KidzArt brings a new dimension and compliments our own art program as well.  I wholeheartedly endorse KidzArt as an art program that works!" 
Principal Ann Kalayjian
St. Patrick's Elementary, Marin County, CA

KidzArt"Providing a quality art program was important for our Summer Day Camp. We found that KidzArt was the perfect solution… they designed their art lessons each week around our weekly themes and really taught our participants that they could all be little artists. Not only did the kids look forward to their KidzArt Day, so did the staff and parents!

"Having KidzArt in our Summer Day Camp was a great decision. We loved to be able to provide our participants this great art program, as well as have something in our camp that the competition did not provide. KidzArt was a great addition to KydZonE eXtreme Summer Day Camp."
Whitney Ewing
Program Director, El Dorado Hills Community Services District

KidzArt® uses only high quality, non-toxic art materials.


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